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Don't put your family's health and safety at risk by trying to capture a wild animal on your own. Hire our experts to provide humane, effective rodent removal services, including raccoon and squirrel trapping. We evict all unwanted wild animals from your home.

Wildlife Removal
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Unfortunately, wild animals can cause damage to your home, leaving behind droppings and smells. Our company repairs animal damage, preventing future problems. Also, we remove all traces of animals, including odors, with our pest cleanup and deodorizing services.

Repairs and Cleanup

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Wild Animals

About Us

Wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels, rats, and mice, can impact your home and quality of life. Not only are they nuisances, they also can cause damage to your property when they enter your home. Let the professionals at Loves Wildlife Removal in Long Island, New York, handle the problem. We specialize in wildlife control and humane animal removal service. Repairing damage caused by animals also is offered.

Our experts have been providing wildlife trapping and dead animal removal services to Nassau and Suffolk counties and Queens for more than 30 years. Our owner, Shawn Love, is a licensed and insured trapper/exterminator with over 50 years of experience.

Never try to catch the animal on your own. Many carry diseases or can cause serious bodily injuries. After laying traps for thousands of customers, we are proud to say we've only failed once. Let our professionals take care of the problem.


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