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Repairing and Cleaning Up Damage Caused By Animals

In addition to humanely trapping wild animals, Loves Wildlife Removal in Long Island, New York, repairs animal damage, sprays for fleas and ticks, and deodorizes any necessary areas. With our pest cleanup services, we remove all traces of wildlife and unwanted animals.

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Damage Repair

Most animals cause damage when they enter properties. We can close most openings, including chimneys, so animals no longer have access to your home. Caps are used to seal up chimneys.

Additional Services

In addition to trapping animals, we clean up any animal waste. Then, we spray and deodorize to remove any leftover odors. Wild animals often carry parasites, such as fleas and ticks. To keep your home safe from infestation, we spray for fleas and ticks.

Job Completion

After we complete our work, most clients want us to check their attics to ensure the problem has been solved. Checking the attic is only done if you want us to repair or cleanup animal damage, droppings, or feces. We don't believe checking the attic is a sure sign of success because animals hide or could have left to get food. Checking and sealing up the holes created by animals and few other tricks, which we keep secret, are how we make sure the job is complete. Since we have been doing this for long, we must be doing something right.