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Keep Your Home Rodent Free

Loves Wildlife Removal in Long Island, New York, is a full-service rodent removal company offering wildlife control services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We specialize in raccoon, opossum, feral cat, mice, rat, and squirrel trapping. After trapping, we also repair any animal damage.


We generally put our traps outside, unless it's going to rain or snow. By putting traps inside, it disturbs the animals causing them to be more cautious of the traps. Animals eat outside, and it is important for them to not be afraid of a trap. Unfortunately, we cannot control what animals are caught in the trap. There is no way to number them or keep others from climbing in.


Raccoons, which eat outside, usually have four to six babies in either February or March. They do not make nests, instead they have their babies in your insulation, on the attic floor, under a desk or in the fireplace.



Squirrels have four to six babies twice a year, in spring and late summer. Squirrels bury their acorns in the ground instead of bringing them into your home. If acorns are found in your home, it's because they are brought in from flying squirrels or mice.

Mice Control

Mice control is one of our specialties. While other companies charge thousands of dollars to visit your home three to four times a year to eliminate the problem, we charge half as much for better rodent control. Mousetraps are only used when requested. Humane trapping is available for an additional charge. Also, we can teach you how to trap mice yourself and keep them under control.